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Favorable Final Judgment of Administrative Lawsuits on Dispute over the Trademark “XIN YA SHI LAN in Chinese” Recently, Janlea’s lawyers, i.e. Mr. Zhang Hong and Ms. Li Shuhua, as the authorized agents of Estee Lauder), w...
ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. v. Texas International Property Associates Case No. D2009 0873 1. The Parties The Complainant is ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. of Zurich, Switzerland, represented internally. The...
Janlea Lawyers Represented “Li Jin Ji” Trademark Opposition Review and Won in the First-Instance Trial Recently, lawyer Li Shuhua of Janlea Law Firm represented Lee Kum Kee Co., Ltd’s “Li Jin Ji” trademark opposi...
Preemptive Registration of a Foreign City Name “Plzen” as Trademark Was Declared as Invalid “Plzen” is a famous city of the Czech Republic, which is famous for beer production. At the same time, “Plze...
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local time afternoon of 17th, janlea team has arrived in Boston to attend the annual inta meeting. From May 18t...
2019-05-20 More
Intellectual property rights protection is critical for creating a good business environment. Office of Cracking Do...
2019-04-18 More
2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair was held in Chengdu on May 10, 2017. The Deputy Director...
2019-04-18 More
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Company filed an opposition application against the “Wangtaiji” trademark of the op...
2019-04-18 More
After Spring Festival of 2018, the first notice published on the website of the Trademark Office was an interpre...
2019-05-20 More
On September 3, China's international brand festival activities continued in full swing. In order to improve t...
2019-05-20 More
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Copyright © 2009-2019 Janlea All Rights Reserved