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In the competition of the future world, it is a competition of intellectual property. Enterprises cannot survive without innovative development. Innovative development is even more inseparable from the protection of intellectual property. Janlea has been tirelessly advancing on the path of promoting the development of intellectual property.
Established in 1995, Janlea Intellectual Property is comprised of Beijing Janlea Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., Beijing Janlea Patent Agency, Beijing Janlea Law Firm.

Janlea Intellectual Property boasts a business background spanning twenty-nine years, navigating through the changes in China's trademark legal system. Over the course of these twenty-eight years, the lawyers at Janlea have provided intellectual property legal services to thousands of domestic enterprises, handling over ten thousand cases. Having been through numerous battles, they have accumulated extensive practical experience in the field.

Having served over a thousand renowned domestic and international enterprises, Janlea Intellectual Property has represented numerous complex and challenging cases, accumulating rich practical experience.
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IP Agency

Janlea Intellectual Property, established in 1995, encompasses a trademark agency, patent agency, and law firm in Beijing. For two decades, it has been committed to safeguarding intellectual property rights.
Patent Agency

Established in 2005, Janlea Patent Company is a governing unit of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association and a collective member of the AIPPI China National Group.
IP Litigation

Established in 2007, Janlea Law Firm is a legal entity specializing in providing intellectual property legal services.
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