2023-03-03 Janlea News

26th April is the 22nd World Intellectual Property Day.

In order to welcome the 22nd World Intellectual Property Day, in the afternoon of 25th April, Janlea Law Firm was invited by Langfang City Pipe Administration Bureau 3rd Affiliated Primary School, to attend the public lecture with the topic ‘Janlea Intellectual Property Right small class’, promoted the intellectual property and propagandized the importance of the intellectual property, reminded students to pay more attention on the protection of the intellectual property. 

This lecture has been held online due to the pandemic prevention and control policy. Mr. GAO Heliang, the deputy director of Langfang City Guangyang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Ms. ZONG Dongmei, Chief of Intellectual Property Right Protection and Supervision Organ, Mr. SHI Yinzhu, the Principal of the primary school, lawyers Mr. ZHANG Hong and Mrs. LU Shan, the partners of Janlea Law Firm attended the event online in the whole course. Also, over 1700 teachers and students of the primary school study the lecture online. 

After learning about the students’ needs to know intellectual property protection, lawyers from Janlea law firm well prepared the contents for this lecture with the theme of ‘Class of Intellectual Property’, focusing on trademark, copyright and patents, lead students into the filed of intellectual property right by a large number of cases close to daily life. 

Lawyer WANG Qingyue gave an in-depth lecture to the knowledge related to trademark based on commonly specific cases in the life.

From students’ textbooks, also, combing with songs, popularity and films, lawyer YU Zhaohan gave an in-depth analysis to the knowledge related to the copyright. 

Lawyer LIAO Chen told the relationship between us and patents in our daily life based on the school supplies and daily necessities, aims to stimulate students to build our country that is strong on intellectual property rights. 

Janlea will continue to commit to promote the education of intellectual property right, build awareness to learn intellectual property rights knowledge and protect innovation among students through experiencing the cultural charm of the intellectual property right.

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Copyright © 2009-2019 Janlea All Rights Reserved