AIPPI Annual World Congress Held a Special Briefing on China
2019-04-18 IP News

Invited by the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), the Deputy Director of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, He Zhimin, led a delegation to attend the AIPPI 2017 World Congress at Sydney, Australia and held a special briefing that titled Development of the IP System in China. 

 In the China briefing, He Zhimin introduced the features and main achievements of the IP system in China. He pointed out that, as China’s economy enters its new normalcy, innovation-driven development has become the strategic choice of China. Further, the emphasis on intellectual property rights has become the internal demand, in terms of encouraging innovation activities, allocating innovation resources, protecting innovation products, and promoting innovation development. He expressed that the IP system of China is highly consistent with the international customary protocols, and has formulated two highly efficient protection mechanisms, namely administrative and legal protections, which have complementary advantages and effective connection. China has contrasted a holistic and matrix-like management system of intellectual property rights. He also introduced China’s major progress in the legislation, law enforcement, management, cultural development and international cooperation that relate to IP. He stressed that the State Intellectual Property Office of China would maintain close collaboration with partners around the world, with a more open, inclusive and active attitude. The Office looked forward to a joint advancement of international IPR regulations towards a reciprocal, inclusive, and balanced direction. About 300 participants attended the China briefing, including governmental officials, professional scholars, legal workers, and industry’s representatives from all over the world.

During the Congress, He Zhimin conversed with officials including the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry, the President of Eurasian Patent Organization, Saule Tlevlessova, and the Director of IP Australia, Patricia Kelly, and other representatives of the industry.

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