2019-04-18 IP News

2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair was held in Chengdu on May 10, 2017. The Deputy Director Shaoning GAN of the State Intellectual Property Office attended the opening ceremony of the Fair and gave a speech at the intellectual property and urban innovation and development international seminar with the theme of "intellectual property helping innovation and entrepreneurship, leading the urban knowledge and economic development". It is known that this is the first time to add the intellectual property rights discussion topics in three years since the Chengdu Global Innovation and Trade Fair was held.

As pointed out by Shaoning GAN in his speech that, currently China's economic development has entered a new normal state, innovation has become the first driving force to lead the development, and China's urban development has also entered a new period of development, and the intellectual property is becoming a new engine of the urban innovation-driven development. An advanced urban development concept and urban governance model are promoted under the guidance of the intellectual property, which are inevitable requirements for pushing the structural reform at the supply side and enhancing the urban core competitiveness and supporting the construction of intellectual property rights great power. He said that, in the future the local governments should take the intellectual property rights as the core element and key link of the urban innovation and development, and constantly deepen the comprehensive management and reform in the field of intellectual property rights, to promote the formation of the intellectual property rights system and mechanism which has clear purviews, a reasonable division of work, the parity of authority and responsibility, an efficient operation, and has law protection; to implement the decisions and arrangements made by the central government for strictly protecting the intellectual property rights, solidly promote the strict protection, large-scale protection and fast protection of the intellectual property rights and related works; to continuously improve the efficiency of comprehensive operations of the intellectual property rights, to promote the comprehensive application of the intellectual property rights, and to vigorously cultivate the intellectual property rights intensive type industries, thereby forming more high-value core patents and building a new competitive advantage for the urban development. He hoped that the representatives can inspire each other and learn from each other, to come up with more new ideas, new views, new thoughts on using the intellectual property rights to support the urban innovation and development, to provide suggestions for promoting the urban innovation and development.

At the Seminar, the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. and the Chengdu PIDU District People's Government held a signing ceremony for intellectual property transfer and transformation platform of a national demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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